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To better understand where our focus for worshiping our Lord is best served, please take a few minutes and answer these 8 questions.  There will be online surveys and paper surveys available.  Please only fill out one survey.

When you are finished, please click the red SUBMIT NOW button at the bottom.
Thank You for your feedback!

What is your age category?
I enjoyed worshiping with the whole church together as one.
How many of our One Church Services have you attended in person or online?
I enjoyed the blending of worship styles.
I think a. 45-minute Sunday School time is just the right amount of time needed.
Which layout of worship do you prefer most?
I like the current time - 9am Breakfast, 9:30-10:15am Sunday School, and 10:30-11:30am Worship.
I will contine to support and worhip at Chickasaw Methodist if we go bact to the two separate worship services or if we stay with the One Church Service plan.

Thank You, Your Survey Has Been Submitted!

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